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Whether you are looking to educate yourself or obtain the basic training you will need to work in a medical cannabis dispensary; this class will get you started. Tailored to New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program, this 15-hour class will teach you about the human body’s endocannabinoid system, the basics of cultivation and different cultivars, an introduction to processing and different products available in New Jersey and elsewhere, the ins and outs of working in a New Jersey medical cannabis dispensary, and how to assist NJ medical marijuana program patients that have qualifying conditions. The following topics will be covered: • Cannabis law and regulations • Cultivation basics • How manufactured cannabis products are made • The endocannabinoid system • Dispensary training Instruction provided in partnership with NJ Cannabis Certified. Completion of the course requires attendance during live instruction and completion of a final 25 question quiz. Students who complete the requirements will receive a certificate of achievement. Limited tuition waiver vouchers are available for veterans. More
Dates Dates: 07/08/2024 to 08/05/2024; 6:00pm to 9:00pm - M
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Status Status: 50 open seats left
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